Henna Night Party in Raindrop- Albuquerque

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henna nightRaindrop Albuquerque Women Association organized spectacular Henna Night (in Turkish: Kina Gecesi) in the honor of Kimberley Brown Griego on October 22, 2011. More than 40 women celebrated Kimberly's henna night which is a traditional Turkish bachelorette party celebrated a night before the wedding night in Turkey. The Night was started with delicious Turkish food and then attendees enjoyed the presentation about traditional Turkish Henna Night. After a while, the bride (Kimberly) came inside the hall and she was surrounded by everyone. Following to put henna upon her hands, everyone performed a slow dance with a traditional song which is named "high- high mountain tops". The lyrics of the henna song are: "They shouldn't build homes high up on the mountain tops; they shouldn't give girls to faraway lands; they shouldn't neglect the mother's one and only; may the birds carry the message, I miss my mother, both my mother and father, I miss my village". At the end of the night, attendees were agreed that it was a different and unforgettable experience.

(November 2, 2011 Albuquerque, NM)

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