The Turkic Cultural and Food Fair : School Day


The first day of Turkic Cultural and Food Fair was a school day. Over 1500 students from different ISDs and school systems visited the fair. When student groups arrived at the Turquoise Center, volunteer tour guides welcomed them and walked them through the facility. They first listened to a brief presentation about Turkey in the Ottoman Ballroom. Next, they had a chance to see a variety of art pieces and demonstrations such as clay, calligraphy, ebru (traditional water marbling), wood art, glass and tile work. After that, the groups were welcomed by Imam Mustafa Yigit at the mosque who gave some brief information about Islamic belief and practices. After the tour, the students had the opportunity to eat delicious food from Turkic and sister countries such as Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uygur Community, Uzbekistan and Bosnia.  The fair also featured various moonwalks. All in all, the students had a great three hours in which they both learned about different cultures and enjoyed themselves.