Raindrop Turkish House and IID have organized a Spiritual Night

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spiritual_night.jpgSpiritual Night came out of the desire that as believers of One Creator how Jews, Christians and Muslims can come around a table and talk, share and discuss the common matters that the followers from all Abrahamic faiths believe in, in a most friendly environment without debating with one another but with loving and respecting each other. For this, Raindrop Foundation and Institute of Interfaith Dialog have organized a Spiritual Night.  (April 2, 2009 Lenexa, KS)

The topic discussed at the night was “Repentance”. After having a light delicious Turkish supper the night started with some Hebrew, Christian and Islamic prayers recited by participants of the event.  This followed by an enlightening explanation of the concept of “repentance” in Protestant Christianity given by the guest speaker Rev. Gene Augustine from the Village Presbyterian Church. After that an essay was read by Raindrop Turkish House and IID volunteers titled “Repentance” by Mr. Fethullah Gulen (Turkish-Muslim scholar who is very well respected in both Islamic world and in United States) from his book named “Key Concepts in Practicing of Sufism”. The night followed by a poem from 12th Century Sufi Master Rumi recited by Mr. Mark Scheel with his deeply touching voice. A very beautiful exchange of questions, ideas and a good conversation took place after the poetry in a very nice atmosphere among the participants while discussing the matters. Prof. Ray James, one of the guests from Park University shared the view of repentance in Catholicism with the attendees. The night ended with some great and delightful Turkish Sufi Music played by volunteers of Raindrop Turkish House and IID from Lawrence.