Raindrop Turkish House Hosted Dialog Organizations

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round_table.jpgRaindrop Turkish House hosted a round table meeting organized by Interfaith Council. The purpose of the gathering was to improve relationship among the different dialog organizations in Kansas City area. The event started with a tour of the Raindrop Turkish House and continued with the breakfast prepared by Turkish Americans. During the meeting participants had a chance to introduce their organizations to one another and talked about their ongoing and upcoming events. (April 8, 2009 Lenexa, KS)


Here is the list of the Participants

  • David Nelson-The Human Agenda,
  • Dan Winter-ACLU,
  • Donnie Morehouse-ACLU,
  • Larry Guillot-GKCIC,
  • Priscilla Wilson- Festival of Faiths,
  • Mahnaz Shabbir- Crescent Peace Society & GKCIC,
  • Judy McMeachum- Festival of Faiths,
  • Fatih Ozcan- Institute for Interfaith Dialogue,
  • Vern Barnet- CRES & Faith Columnist for the KC Star,
  • Mary McCoy- Cultural Crossroads & GKCIC,
  • Murat Tatli- Raindrop Turkish House and Cultural Center,
  • Shannon Clark- GKCIC
  • Bill Tammeus- Author and Former Faith Columnist for the KC Star  http://billtammeus.typepad.com