Friday Social

Raindrop Turkish House of Baton Rouge hosted its first Friday Social program on January 20, 2012. People from different occupations got together at this unique event.

This week's special was Cig Kofte (Raw Meatball). At the each program, different unique food, snack, or drinks which represents different aspects of Turkish culture are offered by the Raindrop Turkish House. Next program's specials are traditional Turkish coffee and Turkish delight. Come and join us for this great moment of time.

(January 31, 2012. Baton Rouge, LA)

Cig Kofte, pronounced "chee coff tay" (and sometimes spelled cigkofte), is a traditional Turkish food, customary in the southeastern region. "Cig" means "raw," and originally, cig kofte was made with raw meat, though after concerns about the safety of uncooked meat swept the globe in recent years, many people now use cooked meat instead. (Vegetarians substitute scrambled eggs for the meat.)

Ingredients in cig kofte include lean mincemeat such as veal, a grain called bulgur, barley, chopped onions, tomato and pepper paste and spices, including mint and parsley. One particular spice vital to traditional cig kofte is isot, which is a sort of crushed chile (this is hard to find outside of the Middle East). It is said that the spices "cook" the meat when thoroughly mixed. Often, the mixture is formed into meatballs. Regardless of the specific recipe, a popular way to enjoy cig kofte is to wrap a hearty amount in a lettuce leaf and eat like a tortilla wrap.