Raindrop Turkish volunteers made and served Turkish cigkofte. In Turkish, the dish is called çiğ köfte uncooked kofte, it can also be written as one word, çiğköfte.

   It is a favorite Turkish snack and a specialty of southeastern Turkey, especially Sanliurfa. Bulgur which is green rice is kneaded with chopped onions and water until it gets soft. Then tomato and pepper paste, spices and very finely ground beef are added. This absolutely fatless raw mincemeat is treated with spices while kneading the mixture, which is said to "cook" the meat.

  Lastly, green onions, fresh mint and parsley are mixed in. One spice that is associated with çiğ köfte, and with Sanliurfa as a whole, is isot, a very dark, almost blackish paprika, prepared in a special manner, and which is considered as indispensable for an authentically local preparation of çiğ köfte (and also of lahmacun). A favorite way of eating çiğ köfte is rolled in alettuce leaf, accompanied with good quantities of ayran to counter-act the burning sensation that this very spicy food will give. All people ate cogkofte in Raindrop Turkish House. We will continue that kind of activities.