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The Turkish Coffee Night of the spring season was held at the Raindrop Turkish House on Saturday, February 1st, 2014. The Raindrop volunteer Rabia Akkus welcomed the guest on behalf of the Raindrop Turkish House. The program started with a wonderful dinner from Turkish Cuisine. The theme of the program was “Celebrating Black History Month from Women’s Perspective.” The program featured Marilyn Hildreth as a keynote speaker. Hildreth is a daughter of Clara Luper, an Oklahoma school teacher and civil rights stalwart who led one of the first in a wave of sit-in campaigns that helped desegregate lunch counters across her home state and South. Marilyn Hildreth delivered an incredible speech on Luper’s key role in the fight against racial segregation and discrimination in Oklahoma. At the end of her speech, State Representative, Anastasia Pittman presented Hildreth a gift on behalf of the Raindrop Turkish House as a reminder of this wonderful program. The program continued with a speech by Christina Fallin and presentation by Nahide Hancer. Christina Fallin, is a successful artist and business consult. She shared with guests her trip experience on Turkey and Azerbaijan.  Fallin highlighted her appreciation on a strong hospitality in Turkish culture. Hancer, English Lecturer, gave an informative presentation on Rumi, a 13th century poet and Sufi mystic. Also, the program featured the Native American Dancers where students performed different styles of traditional dances, explained their history, and significance. In the end of the program the guests enjoyed to participate in Paper Quilling art activity. Coffee Night Donations were given to Clara Luper Scholarship Program."


Oklahoma City's Turkish Community Celebrates Noah's Pudding Food Festival


About two dozen people traded Saturday's wintry weather and gloomy skies for the warmth and treats inside Oklahoma City's Raindrop foundation Servers prepare traditional Turkish foods during Noah's Pudding Food Festival in Oklahoma City, OK, Saturday, November 23, 2013, Photo by Paul Hellstern, The Oklahoman paul hellstern - Oklahoman

Raindrop Foundation volunteers participated in the 28th annual Peace Festival

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Raindrop Foundation- Oklahoma City once again contributed to the diverse culture of Oklahoma. Raindrop volunteers participated in Oklahoma City’s 28th annual peace festival on Saturday, November 9th, 2013 in the Civic center music hall’sin downtown in oklahoma city.. The theme of this event was Art in the City: a "Cultural Connection." The festival had many participants from around the world including Turkey. A Raindrop Foundation volunteer made (ebru) water marbling for people.

Raindrop Foundation made a donation to the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City




Raindrop Foundation made a donation to the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City

On the First of November, Raindrop Foundation representatives asked the Turkish-American community members to make a donation to help people in need in Oklahoma City. The Turkish –American community of Oklahoma City agreed to the donate 200 pounds of meat to the City Rescue Mission.

The donated beef was delivered to the City Rescue Mission kitchen. The manager and staff of the City Rescue Mission were there to receive the donation.

The Ladies Coffee Night of The Fall Season

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The Ladies Coffee Night of the fall season was held at the Raindrop Turkish House on Friday, October 25, 2013. After eating the dinner, one of the volunteers of Raindrop Turkish House Vildan Erturk welcomed the guests on behalf of the Turkish House. MC of the program was Adriana Koch who is one of the advisory board members at Raindrop.

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