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The Raindrop Foundation hosted a neighborhood luncheon

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The Raindrop Foundation hosted “Neighborhood Friendship and Engagement Luncheon” on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.


The program began with a video that highlighted the activities of Raindrop Foundation followed by the welcome remarks by Ersin Demirci. Afterwards, a presentation was made about the Raindrop Foundation the Helping Hands program, Turkish language classes, Coffee Nights, the annual Turkish Festival, Friday Social Nights, and our luncheon series. The guests enjoyed the best examples of traditional Turkish cuisine and Turkish tea.

saturday school participated in the peace day

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On Friday, September 20, Raindrop Turkish House "Saturday School Turkish Folk Dance Club" students participated in the annual International Peace Day event at Oklahoma City University. Refia Oral (11) explained what "peace" meansfor Turkish community to audiences. "Imagine a world, where peace replaced war. Where people understood and lived in the peace within their hearts. Where peace became the expression of our caring for our body, our heart, our soul.To change each heart to carry yhe Peace then bring that Peace to the world. This is the Golden Rule we learned as children put into action"  


raindrop foundation volunteers participated black museum festival



 Raindrop Foundation volunteers participated at the Black Museum Festival


Raindrop Foundation- Oklahoma City once again contributed to the diverse culture of Oklahoma. Raindrop volunteers participated in Oklahoma Black Museum and Performing Arts Center Festival on September 7th, 2013. The theme of the second annual event was Art in the City: a "Cultural Connection." The festival had many participants from around the world including Turkey. An estimated more than 100  people visited the event and were able to learn about Turkish culture.


friday social night


turkish classes

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Do you want to explore an ancient land and its wonderful people of many colors and religions? Raindrop Turkish House  invites you to join Turkish Classes to learn one of the oldest languages in the world. Classes are centered on learning Turkish grammar, developing proficient speaking and writing skills. Our teachers are native Turkish speakers who are fully qualified to teach Turkish as a second language.

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