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Turkish Festival San Antonio Alamo Plaza32The Turkish festival organized for the first time in front of the historical Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas attracted several American and Turkish guests and made them live an unforgettable day on Saturday (April 23, 2011).Around 15,000 guests visited the festival organized by the San Antonio branch of Raindrop Turkish House, a non-profit organization promoting cultural diversity and dialog with other cultures in 15 cities. With the feelings of friendship, the American and Turkish guests expressed their happiness for seeing the Turkish culture and flavors.The festival had guests from Turkey and Belgium, too. Giresun Deputy Mr. Nurettin Canikli and his wife expressed their having pleasure and satisfaction. The guests from Belgium added a different color to the festival with their shows.After tasting the delicious Turkish dishes, visitors had the pleasure of drinking Turkish coffee in the Ottoman tent and seeing several examples of Turkish Folklore dances performed live. The dances from the Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Caucasus regions were among the memorable moments.Marbling (Ebru) art was one of the focus points as the guests experienced hands-on painting on the water. Hena figures as well as several other art forms including Turkish carpets and tiles were among the dazzling images.The success of the festival encourages volunteers to make it an annual festival!

(April 23,2011 San Antonio, TX)

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