Coffee Night for Women in Business

IMG 2917Raindrop Women's Association organized the first Coffee Night of the year 2014 with a title of "Women in business" Jade Chang Shephard -who is running her own business of construction for government facilities- was the keynote speaker of this inspiring night.

The night began with  buffet dinner. The guests had a chance to try so many different Turkish food right before the speeches. 
Skipper McWithey was the emcee of the evening. She is a musician and teacher. 
Shephard began her speech by mentioning Turkey's special spot in her heart "Because" she says " We had our honeymoon over there and it was an unforgettable experience!!" Shephard shared her story as an immigrant girl grew into a successful business women in United States with touching details.. She talked about all the difficulties she faced but also all the support she got, especially from her husband and family.. She said it was not as easy as it is told, there were times she almost gave up but success worth it at the end!!
The night continued with Assel Kurmanaliyeva's speech. She is also a successful business woman from Kazakhstan.. She shared the story of her bakery stores chain in her country and she made a short presentation about what helps women in terms of being successful in business world..
Sarah Eckhardt, Travis County Judge, and Dolores Ortega- Travis County Treasurer- were in the audience and they gave short closing remarks before the end of the night.. Eckhardt mentioned what a big honor it was talking to a room full of women and she asked everybody to vote for women for a better world..
The guests left after they had traditional Turkish coffee and their little gifts and give-aways..
Now, everybody is looking forward to the next one, Silent Screams-a panel discussion about women abuse on March, 28th!!

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