Austin Ladies' Coffee Night with Chief Robledo

IMG 1389Raindrop Turkish House abounded with women from all over Austin In the evening of March 6th, Friday.
Austin Ladies Coffee Night was the motivation for all of them to get together with old friends, make new connections , learn and enjoy the dinner and other attractions of the evening.
There was a ribbon art booth and 2 guest foundations booths at the event. The first one was Gloabal Austin Foundation and second was  Casa da Marianela. Our guests visited those booths and learn more about them.
Our dear friend Liza Pazenza was the emcee of evening.
Assistant Chief Jessica Robledo made a great inspirational speech about how a woman can achieve anything she dreamed of . She also introduced lieutenants and sergeants who came along with her that night. They have shared their stories and invite everyone to join Austin Police Department.



 The fact that we live in the second safest city in the US was really good to hear but it is not a surprise when you get to know how officers are this forethoughtful, open minded and do their job deliberately.

We also learned more about The Citizen Police Academy. It is a 14-week program designed to give the public a working knowledge of APD. Another great program of APD.
After the keynote speech, audience enjoyed the stunning concert of Liz Cass and Cynthia Wilson on the piano. Liz is an opera singer and the owner of LOLA – Local Opera, Local Artists. She conceived a production called La Femme Bohème
that all of the characters were played women as women. By putting this show together, Liz wants to give women in her field more of the spotlight and to take women's roles in opera beyond the traditional ingénue, damsel in distress, femme fatale.
The evening was over with Liz beautiful song called Rainbow Connection. Everyone left the venue with the joy of the music and eagerness to come again.