Austin Ladies Coffee Night with Huriya Jabbar and Mother of the Year Award


IMG 8029Raindrop Women's Association (RAWA) hosted many distinguished women and men from all over Austin on May 8th, Friday for the last coffee night of the season.
Women Community Center of Central Texas (WomenCTX) was the guest organization. Event participants learned more about WomenCTX.

RAWA advisory board member Liza Pazenza was the emcee of the event.
The executive director of RAWA Filiz Camuz welcomed guests. She said RAWA depends on volunteers, whom they appreciated so much. She also celebrated Teachers and Nurses week and all mothers' Mother's day.

Dr. Huriye Jabbar of UT-Austin is the former Chief Operations Officer of Modest Needs. She shared her journey from economics, philanthropy, research and education policies. Her success at the Modest needs foundation was remarkable. She wants to work on effective education policies at UT Austin.

RAWA gives 'Mother of the Year" award each year to recognize exceptional women for successfully building their careers, nurturing their families and helping improve the lives of others while they overcome lots of obstacles in their personal lives.

The second half of the program was dedicated to the Mother of the Year award ceremony.



This year's Austin Ladies Coffee Night honored Sgt. Marci Graham by presenting "Mother of the Year" award. Her Chain of command , Lt Todd Smith, Commander Patrick South, Assistant Chief Troy Gay and Assistant Chief Jessica Robledo wanted to be with her in this meaningful event for her. Corporal Angel Polanski and Marci's parents, Jack and Theresa McClelland and 3 children of her , Judson (14), Annie (12), and Tezzie (8) were present at this event to congratulate her.


Chief Robledo, Mrs. And Mr. McClelland, and Lt Todd Smith shared their thought about Marci. It was very obvious that Marci has a great personality from all of her colleagues and relatives point of view.

Filiz Camuz presented her award and a ribbon art piece done by Elif Kotan who is a Turkish lady lives in Austin.

Associate Director of Women CTX, Julie Gillis and Lt. Todd Smith have done closing remarks at the end of the evening.