Ladies Coffee Night April

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1Raindrop Turkish House El Paso hosted another Ladies’ Coffee Night on April 14, 2012.
Ladies’ Coffee Night started with warm greetings from Mrs. Himmetoglu. Then the keynote speaker Mrs. Lisa Gutierrez, 65th judicial family court judge, gave a speech on 'Laws which affect and protect children' which was highly of interest to the Raindrop moms. Afterwards Judge Gutierrez answered the guests's questions.   At the end of the speech, representatives of Raindrop Turkish House gave an unforgettable traditional gift from Turkey to Mrs. Gutierrez. Later on, Mrs. Becky Frank shared some of her life and career experiences with us. Undoubtedly, delicious Turkish Coffee and dishes from Turkish Cuisine were the most enjoyable part of the night which everybody enjoyed.(4/28/2012)