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Raindrop Women Association hosted Consular Ladies Club

Raindrop Women Association hosted Consular Ladies Club on Tuesday, January 10th. Consular Ladies took a tour of the Turquoise Center, and enjoyed homemade Turkish food after they have seen a cooking class demonstration. They learnt how to make stuffed grape leaves and tried doing it themselves. After lunch, ladies watched live water marbling (ebru) demonstration.

Cooking Class attendees enjoyed the Cooking Classes with another fun and educational class

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank each of you for attending the cooking class. I hope you all have enjoyed the class as well as we did, and I hope your loved ones enjoyed the dessert sekerpare and Kisir that you cooked in the class.

Thank you again for your cooperation and we would like to see you for next cooking classes.

Have a good week.

Zeynep Cifci

Water Marbling (Ebru) Classes in Houston

We  started Paper Marbling courses in this Wednesday, 1/11/12 . There is beginner level marbling classes at Raindrop Turkish House on Wednesday. Each level course will take six weeks. You can register the class by sending your interest to join our Paper Marbling classes This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Marbling is a Turkish art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a tray of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper.

This semester's tuition fee is $90 per Level to cover material costs. All the necessary materials will be provided during the classes.

Donated toys one of Harris County's refugee resettlement programs

The Alliance for Multicultural Community Services is currently having a toy and clothing drive for the winter holiday season to benefit the children in our program. Most of the children who will receive these gifts have been in the country for less than six months. Our goal is to present each child with a toy and some warm clothing (jacket, gloves, hat, etc.) on December 22nd.

Raindrop Paper Marbling Courses

RDFKIDSCLUBEbruflierFRNTThis course will teach the basics of water-based (Turkish) paper marbling using acrylic and tempera paints. Learn how to prepare paper for marbling as well as basic marbling techniques. You will then have the opportunity to make your own marbled papers and patterns. Students who wish to marble their own specific types of paper should bring them on the first day of class to be prepared for marbling on day two.

Also you can application online, Please click Activities on the right side for Online Aplication.

Raindrop Turkish House hosted neighbors for a Thanksgiving Dinner
_IID7849On Tuesday November 19, Raindrop Turkish House Houston Branch hosted neighbors for a Thanksgiving Dinner. The meal included delicious Thanksgiving turkeys. There was a 10 minute video presentation on the touristic and historical beauties of Turkey made by the Turkish Ministry of Culture followed by a quick presentation on Raindrop Foundation. The guests were treated to Turkish tea during and after the presentation. (19 Nov 2011)
Raindrop Kids Club’s (RKC) Pencil Drawings Courses Grades 2th thru 5th

RDFkidsclubdrawingFRNTAll kids grade 2th thru 5th can play at the RKC Pencil Drawings Courses for a $10 daily fee. Equipment provided by Members. Can also become yearly RKC Pencil Drawings Courses members. Please complete and return the RKC Pencil Drawings Courses membership application Form. You can fillapplication form from

Application Form

Also you can application online, Please click Activities on the right side for Online Aplication.

Raindrop Turkish House is on the Mayor's International Newsletter, Volume 7, Issue 12

Standing in sharp contrast to its surroundings on West Bellfort Avenue and proximal to Beltway 8, the Raindrop Turkish House (RTH) prides itself on representing a little piece of Turkey on 30,000 square feet of real estate in Southeast Houston. With shimmering white walls and a ubiquitous turquoise blue, RTH's administrative staff know that the building probably raises a good many questions on first impression, but they are more than ready to supply answers.

Eid Ul-Adha Donations

Your help has been delivered in Houston
Kurban Festival is a day of joy, bonding, helping one another and spreading happiness all over the globe. As a great way of showing consideration for those who are suffering poverty, natural disasters and regional conflicts around the world, Raindrop Helping Hands will be collecting Qurban donations.

For the Eid Ul-Adha, Raindrop Helping Hands is here to help you to deliver your donations to the right families. We will give your donations especially to the newly arrived  families from Somali, Burma,  and similar countries.

For each sacrificial animal, we collect $150 this year. Just by donating $150, you can cheer up the houses, in some of which even a piece of meat might not have been on the table for the whole year. You can donate your $150 either by check, cash or online through general donation box on the left at turkishhouse.org/helpinghands. All donations are 100% tax deductible. turkishhouse.org/helpinghands

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