Raindrop Turkish House-Museum


As you know Raindrop Turkish House- San Antonio proud to exhibit many beatiful art work all around Turkey. As a Raindrop Turkish House-Museum our goal is to display as many as Turkish Art sample as we can. We also would like to you more aware that you can get deeper information about the artworks that we have atRaindrop Turkish-Museum. Here is some info that would make your visit to Raindrop Turkish-Museum more informative.

Turkish Carpets
Turkish carpet weaving is a centuries-old art. Traditionally, carpet weaving has been the domain of women and young girls. Each carpet can take months or even years to complete and is either used within the home or made specifically to sell in the marketplace.

Turkish Tiles and Ceramics

The art of Turkish tiles and ceramics can be traced back to the time of the Uighurs in the 8th and 9th centuries. The techniques were brought to Anatolia with the Seljuks and fostered by the rulers. As they traveled west, the techniques were adapted and perfected with the materials widely available. By the 13th century, mosques, tombs, palaces and theological schools were lavishly decorated with exquisite tiles.


Ebru, also called water paper marbling, is an art form used to create unique patterns on a viscous solution and then transferring the patterns to paper or fabric. Different styles of ebru developed in Persia, the Ottoman Empire and India, but all use similar techniques and tools. Ebru is often used as the base paper for calligraphy, book covers, endpapers and stationery.

Silver Artwork

For centuries, Turkish silverwork has been admired and collected. One of the largest collections in Turkey is in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. The collections contains rare examples of ewers, basins, sprinklers for rose water, censers, stationery boxes, candlesticks and snuffers, serving trays, filigree coffee sets, children’s rattles, water cups, dessert sets, sherbet bowls, braziers, mirrors, Qur’an covers, lanterns, jewelry boxes and cutlery.

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