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Turkish Coffee Night - Frienship Dinner
frienshipdinnericon.jpg Raindrop Woman Association organized Turkish Coffee Night with a friendship dinner on August 21st, 2010.  Mrs. Ipek’s presentation about “Hospitability in Turkish Culture” enriched the night. (SA, TX 08/21/10)
Cooking Classes Started
san antonio raindrop turkish house cooking class ekim 2010 1.jpg

Raindrop Turkish House San Antonio organizing cookingclasses with Turkish Women Association every Saturday. Feel comfortableyourself join to us. The class hour between 12pm to 3pm. (10/9/10. SA, TX)   

Ramadan Festival Celebration at San Antonio Raindrop Turkish House
Raindrop Turkish House bayram kahvaltisi ramazan 2010.jpgRamadan Festival Celebration at San Antonio Raindrop Turkish House  Raindrop Turkish House has organized a Eid Celebration of Ramadan. Over 150 people have attended to the event. Program started with Quran recitation and followed by Eid Prayer. Khutba (sermon) after the prayer informed attendees about celebration of Ramadan After the greeting Bayram breakfast was served by Raindrop Turkish House volunteers. Kids have enjoyed by sliding from the bouncing houses after they collected enough money by kissing hands of elder. Hand kissing is a Turkish tradition which still practiced in Turkiye, especially Eid Celebrations. (September 09, 2010, San Antonio, Texas)
Women Role Models from Various Traditions
wmn_icon.jpg"Women Role Modelsfrom Various  Faith Traditions: A panel and discussion withWomen's Voices Inviting Compassion and Wisdom" was hosted by the Instituteof Interfaith Dialog, the University of the Incarnate Word, and Women's GlobalConnection for  Women's History Month, March 30, 2010, at UIW.

Turkish Coffee Night - Henna Night

henna_icon.jpg "Bride sits on a chair and the room is darkened. Everybodysings the special song of henna party around her. The main purpose is to touchher heart and make her cry, because tonight she is a guest in her parent'shome!"  Raindrop Women Association had anauthentic event about "Henna Night". After the presentation about weddings inTurkey, guests had chance to experience a real henna night at Raindrop TurkishHouse with henna ceremony, folk dance, delicious food from Turkish cuisine andmuch more. (SA, TX 09/24/10)     

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