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Raindrop Turkish House in San Antonio hosted Church members for a Ramadan Dinner
amerikali_iftar_mini.jpgRaindrop Turkish House hosted people from different churches in San Antonio for a Ramadan Iftar dinner. Before the dinner, a representative of IID gave a brief presentation about the holy month Ramadan, Raindrop Turkish House and IID. After the presentation, the dinner was served and people enjoyed breaking their fasts with the members of different faith. (August 21, 2010. SA,TX )
Turkish Coffee Night - EBRU "The painting on water"

ebru.jpg "Nobody can saythat to embroider on water surface is impossible..." Mevlana Celaleddin-iRumi

RaindropWomen Association organized a glamorous Turkish Coffee Night about one of themost unique and beautiful forms of Turkish art is Ebru, or water marbling. Ebruis formed by drawing designs with dye on top of water, and then carefullyplacing paper on the surface of the water in order to absorb the dye.The nightstarted with Dr. Korkmaz's informative presentation and then Ladies had a mesmerizingexperience of watching Mrs. Demircan, a Turkish neo-expressionist artist, makeEbru. Also, some guests had the chance to try their own artwork through thenight. This authentic event ended with warm conversations besides deliciousfood from Turkish cuisine. (SA, TX 10/22/10)

Congressman Ciro Rodriguez visited Raindrop Turkish House in San Antonio

Congressman CiroRodriguez of the 23rd congressional district honored the Turkishcommunity by visiting Raindrop Turkish House on Friday, June 4, 2010.Accompanied by his wife, Carolina Rodriguez, and Field Representative, IrmaGutierrez, Congressman Rodriguez met with Turkish community leaders over atraditional Turkish coffee. After a tour of the Raindrop Turkish House andconversation with some of the members of the Turkish community, CongressmanRodriguez gave an address to all attendees. He discussed important contemporaryissues and answered the attendees' questions. Judge Michael Mery and his wife Laura Mery, as well as TurquoiseCouncil of Americans and Eurasians Director Kemal Oksuz, joined us to welcomeCongressman Rodriguez. Congressman Rodriguez and his wife expressed theirappreciation for the Turkish hospitality and Raindrop's contribution to the SanAntonio community. We are very honored by the Congressman's visit to ourfacility and are looking forward to work together to better serve the SanAntonio community.(S.A. TX 06/04/2010)

Raindrop Turkish House San Antonio organized Seminar on Democratization of Turkey
raindrop_turkish_house_san_antonio_seminar_democratization_of_turkey_060.jpgRaindrop Turkish House San Antonio organized Seminar on Democratization of Turkey . Dr. Alp Arslandogan, the president of IID was our guest speaker. The program included a brief lunch and two sessions of seminars. The seminars was about:
*Summary of the history of Turkish republic 
*Previous successful and terminated anti-democratic coup attempts in Turkey(05/20/2010 SA TX)

Raindrop Turkish House San Antonio hosted International Students from NW Vista College 2
nw_vista_2_turkish_house_san_antonio.jpgRaindrop Turkish House San Antonio hosted InternationalStudents from NW Vista College. Served Turkish food and was given presentationabout Raindrop Turkish House. (05/06/10)
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