Raindrop Turkish House Volunteers Assist Tornado Victims to Clean Up Their Neighborhood

photoOklahoma City Raindrop Foundation is in the process of mobilizing efforts with members and community leaders to help victims in the aftermath of Moore tornado. A number of volunteers from Raindrop Turkish House helped with the clean-up efforts last week to show their support and solidarity with their neighbors in Moore, Oklahoma.


The May 20 tornado killed twenty-three people and left thousands of others homeless. Thousands of houses in the area were completely destroyed by the EF-5 tornado on May 20 leaving big piles of debris stacked alongside each house.

On May 30, a team of raindrop volunteers worked with Serve Moore to assist with the recovery effort. Serve Moore is a collaborative group of churches and organizations that is leading volunteer initiatives to help Moore residents. The volunteers spent the late morning and afternoon working at houses destroyed by the tornado sorting through the debris and identifying potential valuables for the homeowners. Then the volunteers pick up the rest and push them to the curb for the city to take it. The splintered remains will be sent to a landfill where they will be recycled or burned. Quicker removal of the debris and clean-up process is expected to speed up the overall recovery for affected residents of Moore.