yrmMr Orhan Osman and a group of Raindrop volunteers delivered food donations to the victims of May 24 tornados in Oklahoma. The volunteers purchased food with the money they raised from the small Turkish community who live near Oklahoma Raindrop Turkish House. They traveled to two of the tornado hit areas in Oklahoma where they met residents and delivered the donations to the needy.


Mr. Orhan Osman, a volunteer said "Seeing the houses hit by the tornado, and the people who experienced the devastation and fear, is really different than watching it onTV. In spite of the fact that they need help, most people we met in moore did not want to accept donations expressing that there were others who desperately needed. "

Mr Orhan Osman said "We could deliver donations to about twenty families. We have seen destroyed houses, cars, trucks and trees. I think that we visited them meant more than the donation packages we delivered." "People were so happy to see us there in the area. We all really wished we could share more, reach more people." He added.

Mr. Orhan Osman said that they were planning to organize and launch a greater –scale fundraising event for the tornado victims in moore