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Raindrop Turkish House Tulsa has celebrated the thanksgiving with friends.

IMG_8517_-_Copy_baslkRaindrop Turkish House Tulsa had celebrated the thanksgiving with neighbors and friends. Attendees enjoyed the traditional Turkish dinner in this early thanksgiving program, and thanked the foundation for being an excellent neighbor for the community.

Dinner  was started with warm greetings and welcome to the guest by Zeynep Durmaz ,  introduced Melek Oyludag  and gave speech about "The importance of Thanks Giving”

During the presentations, the importance of thanksgiving and gratefulness is emphasized from different cultural perspectives. The conclusion of the presentation was to thank God and pray together with saying "Let's thank our beautiful country, let's thank our living constitution, and let's thank the people around us. Only then can we truly thank God."

(November  19th, 2012,  Tulsa – OK)


Raindrop Turkish House of Tulsa participated at Tulsa Global Alliance's Annual Kid's World Festival between November 15 and 17
Raindrop Turkish House of Tulsa participated at Tulsa Global Alliance's bi-annual Kid's World Festival between November 15 and 17. The 3 days festival had many participants from around the world including Turkey. An estimated more than 15,000 students, teachers and parents visited Kid's World to learn more about different cultures in the globe. Kid's World is a great contributor to the diverse culture of Oklahoma. As a Raindrop Turkish House, we raised donations and sold Baklava which is the special dessert in Turkey and donated the proceeds of these Baklavas to benefit of Victims of Hurricane of Sandy. Turkish students shown their own Folk Dance. And also the booth of Turkey  were the famous booth because of the giving free balls !
(November 15-17th, 2012,  Tulsa – OK)
Raindrop Turkish House offered Ladies Coffee Night on November 17, 2012 with a great success.
IMG_8466_-_Copy_baslkRaindrop Turkish House donated the proceeds of the Lady's Coffee Night which held on November, 17 to benefit of Victims of Hurricane of Sandy. Ladies Coffee Night was started with warm greetings and welcome to the guest by Zeynep Durmaz, the host of program and continued with a silent auction for the Victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Many authentic Turkish artifacts including ceramic plates, coffee cups, socks and towels were on sale to raise help for Hurricane Sandy victims..
After some introduction we watched informative presentation about Raindrop Turkish House, events organized by the Center, classes and services offered by the Center, trips to Turkey and so many more.

Later it was time for the most important part of the night: Keynote speaker's speech. Zeynep Durmaz introduced Barbara Schwarz, the Board Director of Oklahoma Project and gave speech about "Breast Cancer."  At the end of the speech representatives of Raindrop Turkish House handed out an unforgettable gift from Turkey to Mrs. Barbara Schwarz, Turkish dessert, “Kadayif”
Later there was a quick raffle for gifts from Raindrop Turkish House, which was very exciting for everyone.
And then Turkish ladies performed  a show called Kına Gecesi )Henna Night, which is a ceremony performed before the weddings in Turkey.

At the end of the night all of the guests enjoyed delightful Turkish foods as they had Turkish coffee, the treats of the night were various types of Pastries, Various Salads and Delicious desserts.
Do not miss our upcoming events....

(November 17th, 2012,  Tulsa – OK)
November, 3rd Turkish Cooking Cuisine Class
fotograf_3_balkNovember, 3rd Turkish Cooking Cuisine Class
Fall Semester 2012 Turkish Cuisine Class Courses was held at Raindrop Turkish House in Tulsa, OK.Participants were very interested in learning different and delicious recipes. LAHMACUN (Turkish pancake with spicy meat filling), UC RENKLI SALATA (THREE LAYERED SALAD) and HALKA DESSET were taught at the lesson. At the end of class everyone tasted those food and dessert.

The guests watched the class with deep interest, asked questions, took notes on their recipes given at the beginning of the class and tried to cook by themselves. After the class, participants shared their opinions about Turkish Cuisine class.

(November 3rd, 2012,  Tulsa – OK)
Celebration Of Eid Ul Adha In Raindrop Turkish House Tulsa
20121026_192615Raindrop Turkish House celebrated the Eid-ul Adha with the local community on Sunday, October 26th, 2012 at Raindrop Turkish House in Bryan. Program started with the prayer and continued with the dinner.
Eid-ul Adha is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. This is to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Prophet Ishmael (Ismail) as an act of obedience to God, yet, God intervened this process and provided Abraham with a ram to sacrifice instead of his son. The meat is divided into three parts to be distributed to others. The family retains one third of the share, the second share is given to relatives, friends and neighbors, and the last share is given to the poor& needy.

(October 26th, 2012,  Tulsa – OK)

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